A new alliance in the Italian communication worlds has born: Libera Brand Building Group, on one side, Aida Partners on the other. Two strong players which share the values of independence, Italianness and entrepreneurship.

Both companies, that, together sum up 80 talents and an aggregated turnover of 7 million Euro, will share their headquarters in Milan: an unique chance for creating strategies which are able to provide the market with an omnichannel advisory that generates a better value for companies, focusing on the topics related to Brand Building, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, E-commerce, Circular Economy, Green Economy and Civil Economy.

This union, furthermore, represents an opportunity for identifying the functional synergies for creating a single communication group. An innovative alternative which at the same time draws its strength from a long lasting expertise in the industry that seeks to become one of the leading players in the Italian advisory market for corporate communication.