Inthezon, the first Italian Amazon Consulting Company, announces significant results for 2020, with a 50% increase and expects a further growth during 2021.

In a moment of great change for the communication market is a pleasure. – says Roberto Botto Ceo and Founder of Inthezon, part of Libera Brand Building Group – Due to CoVid-19, Companies decided in fact to focus a part of their investments to Amazon. The year that just ended represented a significant goal from both Customer consolidation and team increase point of view. We expect that 2021 Will be marked by a further growth: in a short time we’ll announce the arrival of a number of important brands that decided to trust us”.

Inthezon started its operations in 2017 and supports brands in the increase of their sales and advertising on Amazon. Thanks to its tools it improves performance and gives its contribution to the growth of the brands on marketplaces, both in Italy and abroad.

Inthezon manages tens of brands (among which Mediaset, Medela, Cannamela, Arbre Magique, Chivas Regal, Absolut Vodka, Beefeater, Mumm, Ramazzotti) and thousands of product pages worldwide, with sales increase rates exceeding 100% YoY.

Inthezon offers a full management of the Amazon profile to its customers: from strategic consulting (market share analysis thanks to the use of its software, product rotations, competitor sales) to the average DSP planning and full management of the profile (optimisation of product inventory, price placement), passing through brand protection (analysis of the presence of the Brand from perspective of the trademark protection against competitors and resellers) up to the management of consignment profiles (invoicing to the final customers and logistic management with its warehouses and FBA).

“2021 starts with the announcement of the partnership with UPA – concludes Botto – a very important agreement which gives a testimony of the quality of our work. Inthezon will be partner in the faculty of the Master in Data Science for digital communication which will start on 7 May 2021 and will propose training events which will be reserved to the UPA members.”

We are delighted to have Inthezon among the partners of the UPA Master in Data Science – declares Alberto Vivaldelli, Director of UPA Academy – because it will enable the event to grow as content and skills offered to the students. These skills shall be then transferred within the association in a broader meaning. Thanks to agreements like this, in UPA Academy we endorse a training model which increasingly helps young people to start working and supports the constant update of the managers of the industry”