Libera Brand Building Group closes its year recording a 15% growth in 2020 and expects a further growth in 2021.

“We are extremely satisfied by the results we reached in 2020, we achieved a significant growth during a year of big changesdeclares Roberto Botto Founder&CEO of Libera Brand Building Group – This comes from the soundness of our business model, characterised by an omnichannel vision with strong vertical skills, which enabled us to play the part of the solid advisor for our Customers. The great merit of this success is due to the outstanding team who showed a great Attachment to the firm during such complex times and to our Customers who did not fail to rely on us. This result was also achieved thanks to the performance recorded by Libera Brand Building, Bebit and Inthezon. During the year, Libera Brand Building, the Group company which works on branding and communication, developed several strategic projects for companies of their own business models, Bebit, our digital company, created some Virtual Reality projects, and several digital experiences, while Inthezon brought more than 20 brands on Amazon”.

Libera Brand Building Group, during 2020, recorded a 5 million Euro turnover. In order to support the planned growth in 2021, during which a result between 5.5 and 6 million Euro is expected, 10 new talents were hired at the beginning of the year for strengthening the business areas which Are expected to return a higher development rate:

– Daniele De Florio Head of Social Bebit

– Francesco Annarumma, Client Manager Bebit

– Francesca Mongelli, SMM Bebit

– Alessio Brunato, Seo Specialist Bebit

– Ilaria Carola, Content Manager in Bebit

– Morteza Jafari, Video Content Production Bebit

– Samuele Rovituso (founder of Legolize), Art Director – Bebit

– Debora D’Errico, Amazon Specialist Inthezon

– Gioia Calzavara, Senior Art Director Libera Brand Building

– Federica Gullace, Account Manager Libera Brand Building

– Eleonora Picarreta, Administration Department

“We expect that 2021 will record a strong growth and for this reason at the beginning of the year we decided to launch an intense recruitment work seeking to strengthen our skillsRoberto Botto Founder&CEO of Libera Brand Building Group – furthermore, we keep implementing the business differentiation strategy that will lead, during this year, to incorporate a digital start up in the communication industry”.

“This year was a rich one which was characterised by lateral thinking – says Enrico Chiadò Rana Founder&ECD of Libera Brand Building Group – that led us to create RadioCom.Cafe, the podcast channel of Marketing and Communication Managers, but it was also rich in care towards the people who work in our Group, for each one of them, we activated an insurance policy covering the CoVid risk”